10 independent candidates voted into office

Samba Faal defeated in Banjul Mayoral

By Sanna Camara

As the results of the local government elections emerged, 10 independent candidates have been elected into local government offices across the country, including the post of Mayor of the Banjul.


Out of the 45 constituencies contested, 35 seats went to APRC, including the post of mayor of Kanifing municipality. The National Reconciliation Party has lost in all the constituencies contested.

This has been described as another upset in the Banjul mayoral contest as the incumbent APRC candidate has suffered a defeat at the hands of independent candidate, Samba Bah.

Samba Faal, the incumbent polled 3811 votes, while Abdoulie Bah, 4980. Two other independent candidates polled a few hundreds, described as “insignificant”. According to the Independent Electoral Commission Chairman, Abdoulie Bah has been elected mayor of Banjul, as certified by respective party and candidate agents.

Election analyst, Marcel Thomasi described Hamat Bah’s NRP participation as commendable: “Although they did not get any seat, they are keen in participating,” he said.

Magistrate Dawda Jallow, also on the analysis panel, said NRP’s participation in the exercise has added value to it.

However, this is the second time that Samba Faal loses as an incumbent candidate in Banjul mayoral. Mr. Faal suffered another defeat at the hands of Pa Sallah Jeng, who also contested on an independent ticket. However, many years later, Mayor Pa Sallah Jeng was destooled as mayor of the city on grounds of alleged corruption and abuse of office, leading to the subsequent re-appointment of Samba Faal by the state.

Mr. Faal has since been serving as the mayor until this local government contest.


2 thoughts on “10 independent candidates voted into office

  1. Mr. Editor,
    You need to be clear as to whether the new mayor-elect is called Samba Bah or Abdoulie Bah because you seem to be using both names intermittently. Please clarify which is which.

    1. My bad, I didn’t notice. Must have been an oversight. One disadvantage of blogging is tat you don’t have the luxury of newsroom proof readers. And in your rush to deliver the news when it still “new”, you are bound to make such mistakes. But your feedback is appreciated, will be duly rectified.

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