‘Government is not banning Skype, Viber’

Cyber cafes, dating sites targeted by PURA ban

By Sanna Camara

Insiders at the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority have clarified that the press release purportedly banning Skype and Viber has been issued with intent to target internet cafes and dating sites seeking to commercialise such services.

Sources told Gambia Beat that the move came in reaction to a newspaper advertisement last week, seeking to commercialise social dating and VO calls for chargeable fees. The source intimated that instructions come from the office of the president, who are allegedly concerned with the cafes advert in the newspaper, with revenue implications for GSM companies.

Unregulated proliferation of dating sites has become a concern to the authority, hence prompting the authority to come up with such a measure.

Cyber cafes bent on commercializing the Voice Over Internet Protocol Internet Protocol (VOIP) services which are supposed to be offered free globally, are abusing consumers for their gains. 

“In this way, the GSM operators can continue to enjoy revenue derived from the normal local and international calls,” he said.

“Apparently, we at PURA are not even clear on how to implement this directive. We issued the press release with the hope of sending the message to the effect that commercialisng the service will not be accepted,” said our source.  




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