Fresh elections loom over Supreme Islamic Council

Imam Touray may not seek re-election

By Sanna Camara

Reports reaching Gambia Beat have revealed that preparations are in high gear to launch the bid for the top job of the Supreme Islamic Council, five years after Banding Drammeh stepped-down as head of the country’s religious body.

The incumbent President, Imam Momodou Lamin Toury has been elected under controversial circumstances when his key running mate, Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana got disqualified for the bid due to “controversial reasons”.  

Imam Fofana was considered a favourite candidate of many Islamic followers in the country after Banding Drammeh stepped down. However, his stance on political and other state matters placed him at a position of an “inconvenient candidate” for the government.

Imam Touray may not seek re-election


Meanwhile, reports suggest that Imam Momdou Lamin Touray may not seek re-election for a second term in office. According to our sources, the imam has been longing for retirement from the country’ main Islamic advisory body for years now due to some reasons…

One of these reasons, our sources said, points to the political nature of the functioning of the office of the president of the council.  What is not yet clear is who will take over from him, our source added.

Reports speak of an ongoing consultation between Imams, leading scholars and oustasses across the country so as to come up with “a suitable replacement” for Momdou Lamin Touray.

Concern over politicisation of the council

Of concern to many of the Imams and Islamic clerics is the politicisation of the Council over the years, which many think, may have been responsible for Imam Modou Lamin Touray’s stepping down without seeking a second term.

“This has also contributed to the lowering the morale of the council among Muslims over the years. Many critical decisions made became unpopular among the religion’s followers in the country,” our source indicated.


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