D8million worth of goods meant for Gambia diverted to Sierra Leone

By Sanna Camara

Reports reaching Gambia Beat has said that two containers of food stuffs, worth over D8 million belonging to the expelled businessman Hussein Tajudeen, are being diverted to Sierra Leone.

This diversion comes on the heels of the expulsion of the managing director of the TAJCO company, importers of basic food commodities in The Gambia and owner of a network of other business establishments earlier this week.

75 per cent of the importation of basic food commodities

According to sources close to the Tajudeen  family, Sierra Leone might be the next destination of all of these businesses Hussein Tajudeen owns in the Gambia. The importer was reportedly responsible for over 75 per cent of the importation of such consumables as basic food commodities.

Expelling the businessman will certainly have an impact on the nation’s food basket, especially the imported ones, the source said.

A Persona Non-Grata

On Tuesday, June 4th, the government of The Gambia declared Hussein Tajudeen a Persona Non-Grata, through a press release from the Office of the President.

Tajudeen is said to be engaged in “undesirable business activities”, which have serious health and economic consequences on the State.


“Despite the fact that The Gambia has a liberal economy, the State will not condone greedy and unscrupulous businessmen who are just after their profit margins and not the welfare and well-being of the consumers,” the release stated.

In the meantime, it has been predicted that in a few weeks’ time, speculation of food prices may escalate as the supplies in warehouses start emptying.

Who or what other business will substitute the supplier, is the big question on everyone’s mind currently, especially considering the fact that the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is scheduled for next month, a development analyst said to Gambia Beat.


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