GAMCEL 3G sim cards ‘do not work on all phones’

By Sanna Camara


Despite much hysteria about the state GSM company being the “newest third generation service provider in town”, Gambia Beat has learned that the new 3G sim cards are not compatible with all types of mobile phones.

The Gambia cellular company is the premier GSM operator in the country, enjoying all the support of the state with multitude of clients from both private and public sectors. However, in the race to provide 3G network service to the population, GAMCEL is the third among four companies to introduce the service.

‘My phone declared incompatible with 3G GAMCEL sim card’

A customer who wished to remain anonymous said she was surprised that her phone was declared “incompatible” with the new 3G GAMCEL sim card.

“At the customer service center, frantic efforts were made by their technicians to make sure the new sim card worked in my phones to no avail,” the customer said, sounding disappointed.

Works on 3G and Nokia phones

Insiders at GAMCEL, when contacted, claim that the technology can only work on 3G phones and Nokia phones.

“it works in all kinds of Nokia phones, as well as 3g phones,” a staff at customer care told Gambia Beat.

‘Could not work on my iPhone and Samsung phones

Another customer confirmed this point: “the sim card could not work on either of my iPhone and Samsung phone.”

He said the technicians could not tell which of the phones were compatible with the sims unless they are tested.

“If it worked on one of my phones, I wanted to switch all other lines and maintain GAMCEL as my sole cell phone contact number. Unfortunately, this was not possible because I need 3G internet on my phone,” the customer said.


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