UK Visa applicants must undergo TB screening


The British High Commission in Banjul has announced tuberculosis screening as a requirement for visa applicants wishing to say in the UK beyond 6 months.

According to a media dispatch from the Commission, “This follows the UK Government’s announcement in May 2012 that it would be extending this requirement to an additional 67 countries, including The Gambia, based on the figures for high TB incidence provided by the World Health Organisation. 

The message went on:

“This brings the UK into line with the practice of a number of other countries including the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Pre-entry TB screening is not required for those going to the UK as a tourist or other type of visitor, except for those applying for a fiancé visa.  It will be required for all individuals in The Gambia who are applying for a UK visa which is longer than 6 months including those applying for a Tier 4 student visa.

The process will require individuals to be screened and obtain a certificate from the Fajara Medical Centre to show that they are free of TB before they make a UK visa application. Applicants will need to include the TB certificate with their visa application.”


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