MDI burgled, vouchers, receipt books stolen

By Sanna Camara


Reports reaching Gambia Beat has alleged that mysterious burglary has taken place at the Management Development Institute’s accounts office last week.

According to sources, except for vouchers, receipt books and related accounting documents, no other items were stolen from the office.

Workers went to work the next morning to discover the burglary and missing items. The matter has since been reported to the police for investigations, our source said.

The institute is headed by wife of Prof. Muhammadou Kah, University of The Gambia Vice Chancellor. However, reports are pointing to the fact that a Public Accounts Committee hearing process that saw the UTG come under serious scrutiny over its management of finances.

The Committee just completed its report, which has been forwarded to the state for action. What is not clear so far is whether the burglary at the institute could be part of attempts to cover or uncover tracks and evidences linking to alleged financial malpractices and embezzlement.


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