Fourth Grade student pregnant in Lamen

Aunt’s husband responsible


By Sanna camara

A 12-year-old school going girl has been confirmed pregnant in Lamen village yesterday through medical examination conducted to establish suspicions, reports reaching Gambia Beat has revealed.

Family sources said the girl’s uncle, who resides in the same compound with the girl and her family, has also accepted responsibility for the pregnancy. The girl’s father lives abroad, but she stays with her uncles and mum.

The medical confirmation follows ‘some unusual behaviors’ the girl’s parents noticed about her. Weeks preceding the test, the barely-mature school going girl started showing signs that lead to suspicions that the girl could have been pregnant…

Rape or other means not established

“It is not yet established if it was rape or other means that was used to make her pregnant,” our source said.

“She was behaving strangely… most times isolating herself from everyone. She was mostly complaining of sickness, and she was always deep-in-thought. Sometimes, she vomits. This made us suspect malaria at first,” her father’s younger brother told Gambia Beat.

After taking the girl to the hospital, she sought treatment for malaria, the uncle said.

“The signs still continue…. I told my brother that this girl was pregnant. At first everyone thought I was crazy. She barely has breasts,” he went on to explain.

Her aunt’s husband responsible

However, our source said when they called for a doctor’s examination; it confirmed that she was indeed pregnant.

“When my brother threatened to severely beat her up with a belt her yesterday, she revealed that our sister’s husband was responsible. It was shocking. No one could believe it,” he explained.

The man married their sister many years ago and their marriage is blessed with two kids. After marrying our sister, we rented one of our houses to him in the compound. They have been living with us since then and they are expecting a third baby now,” he went to explain.

‘Others want us to bury it to avoid embarrassment’

Their elder brother who is the girl’s father lives abroad. He recently sent over money for the girl’s school fees. “We don’t know how to break the news to him,” he said.

Since the girl’s word wasn’t trusted enough, a family meeting was convened this evening to discuss this with the accused uncle: “Surprisingly, he admitted to the act,” said the family source.

Amidst shock and awe, the family is still debating and consulting as to what to do with him.

“While some like me think he should be jailed, others want us to bury it to avoid public embarrassment to the family,” he said.

A human rights activist, n reacting to the story, described t as ‘Too bad’.

“They just need to report this to the Police and the child protection agencies in the country. The uncle has no excuse. He has betrayed trust…. and must be insane. This is abominable,” the activist stated.


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