GCCI Prexy: ‘Public Private Partnerships could propel growth’

 Gajaga GCCI

By Sanna Camara

Momodou Gajaga, president of the Gambia chamber of commerce and industry, has said that Public Private Partnerships could go a long way in propelling growth through employment creation and revenue generation.

Mr. Gajaga said “it is a dream of the private sector” to realize a deepened business relationship not just within the business community but also establishing strong business ties between the private sector and government.

“The private sector looks forward to a brighter future which would usher an improved environment where partnerships between business and government will contribute in energizing economic growth for our mutual gain,” he said.

Business-to-business partnerships

For the Gambian Business Community, although it is important to establish private-public-partnerships, it is equally important for businesses to work amongst themselves and come up with business-to-business partnerships for improved service and product delivery and access to greater sources of finance such as an IDB or ADB facilities, said Gajaga.

Mr. Gajaga added that micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) play an important role in the area of business in The Gambia.

“This part of the business community needs the support of both government and private sector for it feeds into the betterment of our national economy. MSMEs may be small and micro as individual businesses but as a collective, they are an economic force to reckon with,” he pointed out.

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