Police PRO ‘knows nothing’ about missing U.S. Citizens in The Gambia


By Sanna Camara

Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) David Kujabi has denied knowledge of the missing Us citizens in The gambia.

Talking to The Standard yesterday afternoon, PRO Kujabi said: I know nothing about the whereabouts of those people.”

Last summer, the families of U.S. citizens Alhaji Ceesay and Ebrima Jobe notified the U.S. Embassy in Banjul that the two had gone missing in The Gambia.  Since then, the United States government has raised its concerns over their welfare to the Government of The Gambia and has sought the government’s assistance in locating both of them.

In a media dispatch, the Us government, through its embassy in Banjul said “the protection and safety of U.S. citizens overseas remains of the highest [sic] importance to the State Department.”

“The United States government expresses again its urgent request that The Gambian government intensify its efforts to assist us in locating these two missing citizens.  Mr. Ceesay and Mr. Jobe were last seen in Tranquil, The Gambia, in June 2013 and we have no credible information to suggest that they have left the country,” the media statement said. 


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