GMC urges opposition parties to honour election boycott ahead of 2016

By Sanna Camara


Gambia Moral Congress has called on fellow opposition parties that boycotted the last national assembly elections in 2012 to stick to its position which was collectively take in March 2012.

Party leader and Secretary General, Mai Fatty explained that the decision not to participate at elections “for reasons abundantly substantiated in the public space, was a collective resolution of the GROUP OF SIX (G-6).”

“No decision or discussions were so far conducted by G-6 to amend or vary this collective position we signed unto each other since February-March 2012,” said Mr. Fatty.


He charged that any opposition party member of G-6 (PPP, PDOIS, UDP, GPDP, GMC) “that parades the 2016 election suggestive of its participation, would be breaking the agreement made by the opposition parties. It is necessary for that Party to consult or notify the rest of us within the G-6 framework so that we can take a collective decision on the issue. This is what is expected of responsible, credible politicians, to honour their words, but not to undermine the very agreements they signed.”


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