Information Ministry gets new Perm. Sec.

By Sanna Camara

Reports reaching Gambia Beat has it that a new permanent secretary has been appointed to “manage the affairs” of the Information and Communication Infrastructure sector.

Mr. Lamin Camara, former deputy permanent Secretary responsible for Information Technology at the said Ministry has replaced Nancy Nyang as permanent Secretary. Sources reveal that Ms. Nyang has been re-deployed to Ministry of Youth and Sports, even though that has not been officially announced.

“We are pleased to inform you that Mr. Lamin Camara is appointed as permanent Secretary of the Ministry. He has effectively assumed duties,” a press release from the ministry stated.

Camara DPS (2)


News of Mr. Camara’s appointment was received with mixed feelings in the media. While some journalists see him as eloquent and pragmatic in his work as DPS of the Ministry over the years, others doubt he will bring anything new to what already exists. He has been described as an open-minded person who is ready to share knowledge and information relating to work.

“Unfortunately, he will not be able to change anything,” said an executive member of the press union, when the news was revealed to him. At a recent Africa ICT Summit held in Banjul, Camara was the main speaker for the government. His boss Nancy Nyang was full of praises for his efforts i advancing digital transformation i the country.

“When Nana was appointed minister of Information, we had high expectations which were not even partially met. So we should not jump to celebrating the appointment of this new official even though it is at a different level,” said a blogger.


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