New UK ambassador to the Gambia arrives this weekend

By Sanna Camara


The new UK ambassador to the Gambia will arrive this weekend to take up his appointment as the envoy of Her Majesty’s government. Mr Colin Crorkin will arrive in succession to Mr David Morley.

 The UK diplomat joined the UK Foreign Service in 1975 and has most recently served as Her Majesty’s Consul General at the British Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.  According to a dispatch from the High Commission offices in Banjul, his career spans numerous postings in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  Prior to Afghanistan he served for almost five years as Deputy Head of Mission in Manila, Philippines.

 “I am delighted to be appointed as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to The Republic of The Gambia and I look forward to doing everything I can to strengthen the relationship between our two countries.  There are strong cultural and family connections which bring us together.  I look forward to working with our partners in both government and civil society to deepen our broad-based ties,” he was quoted as saying.


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