Fresh reasons explain Amadou Samba’s ‘attack’ in Senegal

By Sanna Camara

Following the weekend fiasco between Gambia’s business tycoon and opposition movement leader at Senegalese hotel, fresh reasons are emerging to further explain the incident in detaail:


Youssou Ndour’s L’Observateur newspaper reported on Mondqy that there was a fight between Sheikh Seedia Bayo, Chairman of the National Transitional Council of The Gambia and Amadou Samba; ruling party stalwart, personal friend of President Yahya Jammeh and CEO of severql business interests in The Gambia.

Mr. Sa,ba has since filed charges of ”assault” against the security guqrds of Mr. Bayo qt the Senegalese courts through the Police.

Amadou asked to be placed on the same floor as Seedia

However, an eyewitness to the incident described the reported ”fight” as ”a blatant and blue lie” qs there was no fight at the hotel at all.

”Amadou Samba was staying at Terroubi hotel well before Seedia arrived in Dakar. As he got news that Seedia arrived and was staying Radisson Blue, he too booked a room and ask to be placed on the same floor as Seedia,” our source in Dakar stqted.

The source further explained that Amadou was not spending the night at Radisson hotel but rather kept moving around the hotel ”specially at the restaurants and bars just to spy on Seedia and check who are the people meeting Seedia at the hotel.”

Guinean lied that he did not know Amadou

The Guinean even though received money from Amadou, denied knoWing him when confronted

”Seedia’s body guards suspected fowl play and confronted the Guineean guy they witness Amadou gave monies to. When confronted, the Guinean lied that he did not know Amadou hence the suspicions and Amadou was called to come to the hotel’s gaurds room, but did not show up for two hours,” the zitness said.

It was then that the hotel security and the body guards decided to go look for him and they met up at elevator::: ”and Amadou without a question asked, threw himself on the ground and started screaming and saying all kinds of things against President Jammeh being the killer and not him and that he is not part of the killings etc etc.

NTCG Chairman Bayo has pledged to use force of arms to oust Jammeh if necessqry to end his twenty years of terror rule

”Seedia never witnessed the scene, he was later alerted and took the decision to take the matter to police whiles Amadou wanted an amicable settlement. Bayo was never arrested as reported…,” the source explained


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