‘We will continue to fight…’

By Sanna Camara

Fatou Jagne, head of the UN free expression agency (Article 19) for West Africa has said that the campaigners for slain Gambian journalist Deyda Hydara will continue until justice is done.

Fatou Jagne Senghore 1

In a brief interview with Gambia Beat on the sidelines of yesterday’s press conference, Ms. Jagne said even though they do not hope to get much from this (APRC) government, “we know it will happen one day.”

“I think we need to expose them further; we need to tell the whole world what is happening in the Gambia and also we make sure Deyda Hydara’s case will be investigated one day. We don’t know when but we know it will happen one day,” she said.

About te teth anniversary, Ms. Jagne said it is a very significant day because it is this year that the ECOWAS court has adjudicated about the case of Deyda Hydara. Calling on the government of the Gambia to properly investigate the case, and has condemned the government for the lack of proper investigation.

Hydara’s death is a big loss

Press Conference Deyda Fatou Jagne Senghore 2

“I think this is important for the family and for all human rights organisations, to remember that Deyda Hydara’s death is a big loss for the family, but also it will serve a purpose because we have to perpetuate his legacy, we have to fight for freedom of expression in The Gambia, and I think we should not forget this plight.

“We will continue to remember him. [We will use this opportunity to call on the government to fulfill its responsibility and obligations and stop harassing journalists. [We call on it to investigate all the cases of killings, forced disappearances and other arbitrariness we have encountered in the past twenty years,” she said.

The free expression advocate said they will as well continue to encourage the family of Deyda Hydara through these difficult times.

“They are brave. I think if all the families [in The Gambia] are standing up like they are doing, injustice will reduce in the Gambia. Because the culture of fear and silence has encouraged impunity and has also encouraged the perpetrators to continue because people have been rendered useless, rendered so fearful of fighting injustice.

“The repression is there but I think the families and victims should be encouraged to take on these cases and challenge injustices,” she noted.


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