At least 30 family members, including 16-year-old being detained in Gambia

‘Charge or release family members of alleged failed coup plotters’ – says Amnesty International

Jammeh in 94
President Jammeh came to power since 1994, and has sworn to his countryme that no election can succeed in changing his government

By Sanna Camara

Gambian law enforcement agencies, including the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and Presidential guard have arrested at least 30 people, including a 16-year-old boy, since the beginning of January. They are being detained without charge.

According to Amnesty International, security forces have threatened to arrest anyone demanding the release or whereabouts of those arbitrarily detained. Their arrest followed a December 30 coup attempt that saw the death of four coupists, state media have reported.
“Gambian authorities should either charge or release family members of people suspected to be involved in December’s alleged failed coup, and grant them immediate access to lawyers, Amnesty International has decried.

Detention violates legal procedures

“The arrest and prolonged detention of family members of the alleged coup plotters, who have had no opportunity to challenge their detention, violates the basic legal protections provided for by the country’s constitution, as well as regional and international human rights law,” said Steve Cockburn, Amnesty International’s deputy regional director for West and Central Africa.

“If the Gambian authorities want justice, they should either charge those arrested with recognisable criminal offences, if there are legitimate reasons for doing so, or release them,” Cock burn aid.

Keeping so many people detained arbitrarily would be more about instilling fear in the country than pursuing justice, he added.

Government not returned bodies of the killed to families
Jammeh EU

Gunmen attacked the presidential palace in the Gambian capital Banjul on 30 December. At least four assailants were reportedly killed and one captured by the security forces.

The Gambian authorities have not returned the bodies of those killed to their families and there is currently no information on the whereabouts of the person who was captured.

Since the attempted coup, there has been a wave of arrests, detentions and harassment across the country targeting family members of those suspected of involvement in the failed coup.

No information about their whereabouts 

Family members of Bai Lowe, a man suspected of having taken part in the attack against the State House, have been in detention without any charge since 1 January.

Five NIA officers reportedly raided their compound in a village south of Banjul with a list of people to arrest. They arrested Lowe’s 16-year-old son, his ex-wife and his brother. There is still no information about their whereabouts.

The NIA also arrested Omar Malleh Jagne, the brother of another suspected coup plotter, Njaga Jagne, who was killed by the security forces on 30 December. Omar Malleh Jagne, a father of nine children, was taken to an unknown location and has not been heard of since.

Gambian law empahsised court appearance within 72 hours

According to the Gambian constitution, anyone arrested should be brought before a court within 72 hours.
Several other family members of suspected coup plotters have fled the country in fear of reprisals.

According to Amnesty International’s information, soldiers suspected of being involved in the attempted coup are expected to be arrested and tried before a military court soon. They face the death penalty if convicted.

Amnesty International is calling on Gambian President Yahya Jammeh to stop using the alleged coup as excuse for a clampdown on peaceful dissenters.

On 14 January, President Jammeh announced that the authorities were willing to work closely with the UN to investigate the events of 30 December.


One thought on “At least 30 family members, including 16-year-old being detained in Gambia

  1. no one should be done like my x husband I seen the pictures you know.. was it not a nuff to kill him who did this should be ashamed of there self… something els when you kill someone you will not have god on your side…. one’s that kill someone go to HELL that’s what god does say and god has this in his hands I so truly believe that! The lest
    President Yahya Jammeh could do know is to send NJAGA JAGNE’S death certificate to the US

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