‘If Gambia is destabilised, Senegal cannot be safe’

By Sanna Camara

The executive director of Amnesty local office in Dakar has argued that that If The Gambia is destabilised because of the repression, the lack of democracy and human rights, its immediate neighbor Senegal cannot be safe.

Press Conference
Seydi Gassama (center with mic) says senegal cannot ignore Gambia’s problem

Senegal surrounds The Gambia on the North, South, and East, leaving only the west to the Atlantic Ocean. The two countries share a lot in common, including history, culture and ethnic backgrounds. Amnesty Senegal’s boss said the peace that northern Senegalese region of Cassamance enjoys today cannot happen “as long as we have a brutal dictator in the Gambia.”

Speaking to Gambia Beat on the sidelines of yesterday’s organized press conference, Mr. Gassama the existing abuse and violation situations in The Gambia “breeds this kind of rebellions.”

They have gathered to put pressure on Senegalese government and give it some kind of “string to pull… so [that Macky Sall’s government] should be aware of that [problem] and really play the role that Gambians are expecting from the Senegalese government.

“We know that the Senegalese government has a lot of mean of pressure on Jammeh but unfortunately they never use that pressure…They should be aware that Gambians and Senegalese are the same people in two different countries,” said Mr. Gassama.


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