‘Sami constituents are no fools’ – a Saminka tells APRC

By Sanna Camara

Gov Khan
Gov. Khan is seen as a key asset in mobilising grassroots support for APRC in provincial Gambia

Disgruntled members of the Sami Constituency, Central River North, have reacted to assertions by Governor Omar Khan that their area is ‘a no go area’ for opposition in the 2016 elections.

Considering the timing of the governor’s visit, constituents are concerned that his trip is meant to undermine the chances of reception the UDP convoy may receive in the entire region.

“We are no fools,” said an opposition supporter who prefers anonymity.

‘We have been sidelined for long’

“For over ten years, the APRC and President Jammeh have not held a single meeting in this constituency. We have been sidelined for long now,” he added.

The governor of the region Omar Khan, travelled to the area few days ago. He held meetings with community leaders and attempted to lobby them against supporting the opposition.

Dobo, home village of the opposition leader Ousainou Darboe, is located in this constituency. After governor Khan’s visit, he emerged with a message: “Sami is a no go area for the opposition”.

Undelivered promises

In 2004, President Jammeh held a meeting at Karantaba Upper Basic School football field. During this meeting, he promised the constituents that the Laminkoto-Passamassi Road project will be constructed after the inauguration of the Farafenni-Laminkoto road, dubbed “July 22nd Highway.

“In 2006, the said road project was approved by the parliament. The contract and all related paper works were signed but until today, it has not kicked off,” a former community development officer of the area told Gambia Beat.

Again in May 2014, he said president Jammeh during a meeting at Janjang Bureh, said that the Laminkoto Passamasi Road will be constructed in 2016.

“We are no fools. This means that he will use the project to win votes ahead of the elections,” the soure explained.


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