Asylum seeker jailed for sexual assault in Germany

The night club “Amadeus” in Ingolstadt was the scene of the incident.

By Sanna Camara

After an incident with two girls in a nightclub in Ingoldstadt, Bavarian District of Germany, an African asylum seeker has been sentenced to three years and ten months imprisonment.

According to German media reports, the incident has sparked debate in the past few weeks about enforcing a ban on asylum seekers in night clubs. The conviction of the refugee by the district court does not in any way help the situation, observers say.

For the charges of sexual assault and assault in two cases, the young African man received a custodial sentence of three years and ten months, as Bayerischer Rundfunk reported.

The man is accused of having sexually harassed two German girls on Boxing Day in the ladies toilet downtown nightclub called Amadeus. The court looked at the statements of the two women and the doorman as witnesses, which all goes to prove that the African was guilty of the charges.

The sentence was based on sexual assault in two cases, a charge equivalent to “attempted rape” in common parlance.

Attorney Günther Mayerhöfer told Bayerischer Rundfunk that the convicted person will serve his sentence in the Federal Republic, because there is no enforcement agreement with his homeland.

Despite the calls for deportation of the refugee, the attorney said that is out of the wuestion as deporation can only take place only from freedom.

The city of Ingolstadt, the owner of the night club Amadeus and the Ingolstadt -African Business Association, meanwhile, are looking for a practical solution for dealing with asylum seekers in Ingolstadt restaurants.

Sandro Montuori of the Corso – Bar in the Theresienstraße example has already hired two asylum seekers to reduce any tensions in advance and to overcome language barriers .

This model of the so-called “disco godfather” may well make school in Ingolstadt. Many are also calling for the establishment of a municipal social welfare office, to help clear up misunderstandings of the different cultural groups, and to guide the applicants in times of troubles in the city.


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