Dozen homeless as fire guts compound to ash


 By Sanna camara

A fire incident over the week have succeeded in making twelve people among them women and children homeless, after it gutted a whole compound into ash.

The incident which happened in Latri Kunda Piccadilly, near Tabokoto, was reportedly sparked off by electrical faults. These are frequent in The Gambia recently as the national power supplier engages in frequent power cuts without warning.

The loss incurred by the fire to the property of Alhaji Landing Jobarteh ‘is incalculable’ 

The compound, belonging to Alhaji Landing Jobarteh, was home to a number of families and tenants. The property was “completely burnt to ash” in the incident, family sources told Gambia Beat.

It was a big loss indeed…


Neighbours rushed to help douse the flames with whatever they can lay hands on. Men struggled to pull out household materials as women fetch water in containers but it could not save a thing, eyewitnesses said.

“The fire left a damage worth over D100, 000 in properties in its wake. This does not include the damage to the compound’s infrastructure such as the building,” the family source said.

“It was a big loss indeed…,” a neighbor who said he was one of the first to rush to the scene to help out after he heard cries for help, said.

Fire caused by extension lines and connection

“The fire service was called in but their arrival was rather too late. Investigations reveal that the fire was caused by extension lines and connection which was fueled by the frequent power cuts.


“It started in a house that was even locked at d time. Everything in that house and the adjoining three houses were burnt to ash,” the family source said.

The fire department came in but couldn’t safe anything, another eyewitness said: “They came but their effort couldn’t save much….”

The victims were temporally accommodated by neigbours as they begin a fresh search for salvation from the incident that left them with nothing.


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