Gambia: Opposition ‘not surprised’ Jammeh opposes term limit

By Sanna Camara


The leader of the main opposition party in The Gambia has said it is not surprised that Gambian president has taken the lead in opposing the ECOWAS proposed two-term limits for sitting presidents.

Ousainou Darboe of the United Democratic Party said, “We are not surprised that it is the usual suspect that lead the way is saying ‘No’ to the new norm in Africa, capping the term limits of an elected President to 2 five years in office.”

In his reaction this afternoon to the outcomes of the just-concluded ECOWAS session held in Accra, Mr. Darboe said if The Gambian president had accepted the calls for elected Presidents to leave office after 2 consecutive five years in office, “even his ardent opponents will give him some respect.”

“However, we are not the least surprise that he is afraid to leave office for the furtherance of the democratic ambitions of many thousands of Gambians,” Darboe said in his Facebook page update.

He reasoned that “Time is always on the side of the people. Whether the Gambia and Togolese government accept it now or later, Africa is changing, and those unwilling to flow with the tide will be banished to bad records of our history books. If you do good, good will follow you.”

The 66-year-old opposition leader, who Jammeh has ‘disqualified’ from contesting any further presidential election in The Gambia due to his age but still remained defiant, said they have an advice for President Jammeh:


“…. accept electoral reforms, accept term limits and Gambians will decide what your legacy will be.”


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