Gambia, Togo presidents urged to support term limit

By Sanna Camara

Jammeh Jamboreh
Yahya Jammeh came to power in 1994, changed the constitution from two term limits to indefinite terms in office

The sub regional civil society forum has urged both presidents of Togo and Gambia to support the plan to limit presidents of the sub region to two-term in office.

In a statement released today, The West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) is fully in support of the ECOWAS proposal to limit presidency tenure to two-term in office for the sub-region.

The body said such will provide “a more healthy political environment and minimize political-related violence that usually erupt when sitting presidents decides to amend their constitutions to allow them run for more tenures.”

The body did not hide its displeasure with the ECOWAS heads of states to reach a decision on term limits earlier this month.

“It is saddening….

“It is saddening that Heads of State at the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) summit held on Tuesday the 19th of May in Accra, Ghana, did not reach an agreement on a plan to limit presidency tenure of the sub region to two-term in office, due to disagreement from both Presidents of Togo and Gambia,” the statement, signed by Nathalie Kone Traore, President of WACSOF Executive Committee said.

President Faure Gnassingbe has been in power since 2005 and won a third term in office just last month

It argued that re-eligibility and unlimited terms encourage violence, dictatorship, coups, and other vices affecting frican countries today.

“Some of these negative outcomes can be seen ravaging most African countries where constitutions have been amended for incumbent Presidents to re-contest in elections,” it noted.

Most countries in West Africa have a two-term tenure limit for the office of the president specified in their constitution, and this should be emulated by other West African countries that are yet to embrace this healthy practice, the statement added, noting that implementing a two-term limit in West African countries requires unanimity among leader things,

“We therefor call on all West African leaders to support this policy being championed by the ECOWAS to better the region. WACSOF advices other Regional Economic Communities (RECs) to support ECOWAS plan to enact a new clause that will prohibit presidents of member countries from staying beyond two terms.


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