UDP to take on KMC this Sunday

By Sanna Camara

Opposition leader Ousainou Darboe has announced that the United Democratic Party will on Sunday, let the KMC rate payers know how their rates and taxes “have been misused by Yankuba Colley and his group of sycophants.”

Yankuba Colley

Darboe made this revelation today as the party reaches the climax of its ongoing countrywide tour. “Our message to the four Kombos will amongst other things focus on land administration and the neglect of the community by the Local Authorities,” Mr. Darboe announced on his Facebook page this afternoon.

He said these are issues peculiar to the Kombos. “Local Authorities claim that they are faced with constraints and challenges which presumably affect their work,” he quizzed.

Darboe new 1

“Inadequate information on properties transfer of ownership and allocations from Ministry of Lands and Regional Government… Inadequate heavy machinery for waste management” are some of the complains, amongst other things that KMC is fond of making, Darboe noted.

He added: “But are these justified in the light of KMC’s expenditure of D2,100,000 for the beautification of the highway from Denton Bridge to Abuko?


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