Gambia: Trafficked girls claim exploitation, sexual abuse

By Sanna Camara

Gamsu Egypt Prexy 1
Mr. Alieu Darboe is the president of Gambia Students’ Union in Egypt

The president of The Gambia students’ union in Egypt has said that the trafficked Gambian girls who were rescued in Cairo recently have complained exploitation and sexual abuse in the hands of their traffickers.

In an exclusive with Gambia Beat, Mr Alieu Darboe, who just completed his BA in Islamic Studies at Azhar University, Cairo, said the girls were brought from Gambia on the promise that they will “have jobs in Cairo, that they are going to take care of babies.”

The union leader said the group of girls they met in Cairo told him that “Nigerians are using [us] to work for them and sometimes, sell us to other clients. Some of them complaining they face sexual problems….”

The union takes care of all

Mr. Darboe explained how their union came to the rescue of the trafficked girls after their matter was reported to them. “One of them (girls) was running away from the [traffickers] when she saw an African [in Cairo] and told him everything, and that she is from Gambia.”

The Gambia has no embassy in Cairo and mostly, the students learning in higher institutions of learning there stand for their own welfare: “That is how we got contacted because we have no embassy here, the students union take care of all our things.”

“The girls are between the ages 17 to 20. It’s my first time in Cairo to see Gambian girls here like this. It was a big surprise, I could not believe,…” Mr Darboe said.

Gamsu Egypt Prexy 2
Union Prexy: “the girls claim the center of the trafficking is in Dakar”

Their photos and details are taken…

According to Mr. Darboe, who worked with the Senegalese Embassy in Cairo to help liberate the trafficked girls, the girls claim the center of the trafficking is in Dakar.

“In Dakar, their photos and details are taken and sent away to the Arab world, not just here [in Cairo]. They have been brought here by Nigerians,” he said.

“The one who send them from Dakar (if they arrive here) will sell them to other Nigerians. The girls will go to work for them and they [traffickers] take away all the monies from her,” he

He said they are trying to send the three girls home in the coming days: “We are waiting for another girl, she is coming to us from her work place tomorrow.”explained


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