Gambia: Opposition says ‘no free, fair elections’ in 2016

By Sanna Camara

The opposition Gambia Party for Democracy and Development (GPDP) has said that it sees no chance for a free, fair and transparent election for the country in the next general elections scheduled for September 2016.

Henry Gomez 1
Henry Gomez, Secretary General, GPDP

“As a matter of fact, the new [electoral amendment] law is another vindication of our collective call for President Jammeh to leave power after 21 years of miisrule,” Mr. Gomez, party leader, said in a statement released this afternoon.

The secretary General of GPDP said it is therefore time for President Jammeh to quit power as he has reached 21 years in office.

“As a Gambian citizen to begin with, and a party leader who believes in accessing the seat of power through the ballot box, let me make it categorically clear that no amount of intimidation, arrests, will stop Gambians from claiming their democratic rights,” Mr Gomez stated.


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