Macky Sall recounts 7 years of activism

By Sanna Camara

Macky 2
Macky Sall won his presidential bid with the support of citizen activism

The Senegalese president has taken time to write about his seven years of activism this week, which also marks the birth of his party, the Alliance for the Republic (APR).

In a letter addressed to his “comrades” and posted on his official Facebook page, Mr Macky Sall praised men and women who had joined the APR, put their morals to the test; that they had turned down “currency-theism” by refusing to bow down or to abdicate their conscience with the CFA briefcase.

Fondly calling them, “Very expensive activists and supporters of the APR”, President Sall said the political history of Senegal will remember “by a thousand and one ways and fireworks, some of which of unprecedented violence, how the former power has done everything so that their party is never at its highest purposes, namely: by a democratic alternation, to trigger an alternative guarantor of the real change.

“But, he [Wade] was wrong, heavily deceived,” he wrote.

A coalition tactic

With what he calls “Ethics and values in shoulder strap”, President Sall said they have deployed “a treasure of ingenuity policy that we won” through the coalition Dekkal Ngor and of the coalition Bennoo Siggil Senegaal, by control of nearly a score of local authorities and the provision of hundreds of local consultants at all levels of the local administrative chain.

“This feat was all the more significant, that it was carried out only three months after the creation of our party and in spite of the hostile activities of [the ruling] power and of certain sections of the political space,” he noted.

Sall further recalled that the APR’s electoral score of 2009, and its “remarkable presence” in the Bennoo Siggil Senegaal tripled the original plan; that their political, financial and logistical growing power in all sectors of activities, social strata and in the diaspora….

This he added, had finished to make it clear to the former power, that the main enemy to shoot, had a name: APR. he added: “But, we had held good!”

In the cities and in the countryside

He said they did good because the youth, women, students, managers, teachers, citizens of all orders, members of their party, have expanded their bases, both in the cities and in the countryside, and in the diaspora, to make APR the leading parties in Senegal.

In this lofty quest policy, Macky recalled that heat, cold, dust and hunger, have been their “most faithful companions!

“In the end, we blazed a path, and finally won in the management of adversity, in our capacity of resistance, in the strength of our convictions and in the formulation propositional that condenses our programme Yoonu Yokkute, which illuminates on the ways and means of a genuine change in Senegal,” he wrote.

“Our unwavering faith in the final victory, we had made it possible to meet all the challenges that the former [ruling] power had launched [against us], in the form of brutal attacks, from Pikine, to Macacoulibantang, Yeumbeul, Ndiognick and almost everywhere in Senegal….

Aspirations long ignored, and gradually fulfilled

Today, Macky, as Senegalese fondly call him, said indeed they have entered a new time: “the policy of the exercise of a power that the majority of the Senegalese gave us in the hope of seeing their profound aspirations, long ignored, and gradually being fulfilled.”

He expressed believe that in politics, just like Siegfried said, “[one] only knows how to stop, those who would never be gone”.

Let’s stop, he said, take a moment, to think and act in the context of political, economic and social issues of great complexity.

According to President Sall, power is not a private property:

“It belongs to the sovereign people who delegates and landscape the possibility to evaluate, periodically, its delegates….”


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