Gambians in Senegal do not see Embassy as home

By Sanna Camara

The popular feeling among the Gambian community in Senegal, both exiles and residents alike, that their Embassy “is not homely to them and their needs outside Gambia” was enough reason for an opposition leader to conduct a visit there to discuss such matters.

Fatty mai
Mai Ahmad Fatty sees public diplomacy as great tool in serving public needs

Mai Ahmad Fatty told reporters yesterday in Dakar that his visit to The Gambian Embassy was motivated by such concerns among others, that the embassy is the biggest spying and kidnapping outlet for intelligent agents spying on Gambians outside Banjul. It is why many do not see the embassy as home to them, he said.

“This is a worrying situation for any country’s citizens and as a political leader, I took it upon myself to conduct an unannounced visit there to discuss these matters with the Embassy officials. Supporting Gambians in Senegal should be their primary responsibility as public servants,” Fatty argued.

Embassy surprised…

 It is a pity the community does not see the Embassy this way, Fatty told GambiaBeat after emerging from the meeting. He though indicated that the embassy officials expressed surprise at such views about their work among the community.

He nonetheless “encouraged them” to serve all Gambians without political or tribal affiliations, and recommended to the embassy officials to organize meeting of all Gambians in Senegal in a bid to promote dialogue and understanding between them and the mission.

They should be in position to offer their consular services, offer guidance and support to Gambians when needed and as provided by law, Fatty argued.

The embassy officials were not available for comments.



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