Gambia President-elect explains presence in Senegal

By Sanna Camara

Mai Ahmad Fatty addressed journalists

In a statement delivered on his behalf by special adviser Mai Ahmad Fatty, Adama Barrow, says his presence in Senegal is pursuant to the request of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia and current chairperson of the authority of heads of states of ECOWAS.

Tens of local and international journalists gathered at a hotel in Dakar this evening to witness what would have been the first press conference by newly elected Gambian President outside Banjul. Instead, his special adviser delivered a statement on his behalf, promising a press conference will be scheduled on a later date.

Many analysts believe the new president is mourning the death of his 7-year-old son, Habibou, who died last night from a mysterious dog bite in The Gambia, and was buried as the conference was taking place in Dakar. However, he remains upbeat that he will be inaugurated in The Gambia by January 19th.

“The special proximity and the unique social characteristics shared by [both countries] render Senegal suited [for my stay] and practical under current exigencies,” his statement said.




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