APRC plans to open radio, TV in Gambia

By Sanna Camara

Although Jammeh left The Gambia without any of his demands and conditions for exile being met, he and his cabals are currently plotting to open both a radio and television station capable of covering entire country to advance his propaganda agenda.

Once described as worst dictator in West Africa, ex-President Yahya Jammeh continues to nurse the wounds inflicted on his pride after being humiliatingly driven out of the country at the peak of the political crisis that beset the small West African country.

Photo: Pata PJ’s Facebook

“He has not given up on the idea of a comeback to The Gambia in a few years despite being allowed to flee for safety in January. Jammeh is currently scheming with his top trustees to implement plans that will give voice and influence to the his party,” a source said.

What is not clear so far is who Jammeh will use as fronts to implement hs media agenda in the country.


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