Modou Turo Darboe in car crash, foul play suspected

By Sanna Camara

Mr Darboe is examined by a nurse

A businessman and philanthropist Modou Turo Darboe has been hospitalized following a car crash on Saturday night in Sibanor, Foni region of The Gambia, where his car rammed against a tractor trailer while running at high speed.

Although he miraculously survived with bruises to his feet and a banged head against the roof of his half wrecked car, the businessman complains of severe pains to his head and body. He was being taken away for a CDC scan as I left the RVTH hospital by Sunday afternoon.

“It was a trap. The tractor drove from the roadside and parked right into the middle of the road ahead of me while I was running at high speed,” Darboe recalled as he struggled to speak on his hospital bed. Doctors say Mr. Darboe will need close observation but no serious pains have been inflicted on him or his fellow travelers involved in the crash.

He was travelling from Kiang, where he visited one of the eight villages that are to benefit from his NGO funded borehole projects. Vision Development Foundation was primarily established to handle the philanthropic outreach activities of Mr. Darboe and it has done a lot of community based activities personally financed by him over the years.

Saihou Fofana, administrator of the Foundation said he believed this was another ploy to have Mr. Darboe assassinated. “It is not the first time that he survived such a target: in 2009, a truck rode over his car and Mr. Darboe miraculously survived it. The driver was neither apprehended nor has the truck been impounded by the Police,” Fofana said.

Darboe says he has been a target of enemies

Such attacks are politically motivated but Mr. Darboe’s outreach has social impacts for a lot of communities in the Gambia. Over 35 feeder roads have had their maintenance financed by Mr. Darboe, and eight communities are currently earmarked to benefit from a water supply project, Fofana said.

He has been very supportive of coalition efforts to oust ex-dictator Yahya Jammeh, and this did not go down well with the Jammeh regime. The tractor driver has been arrested after fleeing the crash scene and is helping the Police in their investigations.


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