Gambia: Intelligence Agency urged to disclose resources

By Sanna Camara

Alh Badjie

According to the petition written by Bubacarr Badjie, SIS’ legal adviser, he had advised new DG Sowe to undertake a full disclosure to the president Adama Barrow about human, material and financial resources of the agency when he took over office, including immediate plans to bring in some changes for the enhancement of the SIS operations.

additionally, Badjie said he advised that the agency “provide intelligence estimates for the first six months, an organogram showing structure of the agency and staff designations, plus their human, material and financial resources in The Gambia and outside.

However, Badjie claimed DG Sowe was adamant about such disclosures, replying: “the President need not know all these details”.


Badjie said that was a sign the NIA tradition of non-accountability will be maintained, hence in the future, full disclosure of happenings at the agency may not happen.

“Relative to this is the fact that most of the individuals said to have been be involved in the torture of Solo Sandeng and his co-UDP supporters are reporting to work without facing any consequences for their actions.

Human rights recruits

On Friday 19th May 2017, this paper ran a story from a dispatch from Director General of the agency captioned: “SIS Graduates Maiden Batch of Recruits on Human Rights”. This publication was false according to the agency’s legal adviser, who maintains it was meant to mislead the public about facts of the said recruitment.

“… the publication is counterproductive to efforts to bring genuine human rights training to the SIS personnel,” Badjie said, noting that as a result of his attempts to rectify this misinformation, DG Ousman Sowe directed he should surrender his official vehicle.

This paper will make efforts to solicit DG Sowe’s side of the story +




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